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Finding Your Way, LLC


We Are here to help promote healthy and abundant living by strengthening emotional and mental Stability. We help people find their way to a well balanced, confident, competent and abundant life. 

Vision Statement:

We envision individuals and families going from brokenness to wholeness. We envision people being able to find their way to being able to find their way to being able to live confident, competent and abundant lives free from fear, doubt, worry and low self-esteem.  



Many times as we are living life on life's terms, we experience many road blocks, dead ends or wrong turns. With those challenges we can often times find ourselves off of the planned route. Finding Your Way Mental Health Urgent Care is here to help you recalculate your life and find a better you.  Some of the services available to help you on the road to becoming a better you: Crisis Counseling, Crisis Assessments, Short - term counseling, Long-term Counseling, Group Therapy.  


Some of our confidential services can be rendered in person or online.  We make it easy to prepare for your first visit. Please use the convenient Preliminary Intake form below to schedule an initial consultation with us.  Prior to your first visit, please download and review our Confidentiality Agreement. You may also download and complete our New Client Intake Form and have it ready for your first visit.  On - Call services are available. 


Questions and or comments:  Please reach out to us and one of my competent staff will respond to you within 24 - 48 hours.  You can contact us:

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